Apple releases Xcode 15.4

Apple releases Xcode 15.4. You can download it from the developer site and App Store.

The system requirement is the same; it runs on macOS Sonoma 14 or later.


Supports simulating web distribution

Xcode now supports simulating web distribution while running or testing your app.

Xcode 15.4 supports simulating web distribution while running or testing your app. Enable the “Alternative Distribution – Web” build setting in your app target or project, then select “Website” in your scheme or test plan in the Distribution option. When you run or test your app, it will receive the AppDistributor.web value when querying MarketplaceKit for its current AppDistributor. (124230395)

Xcode 15.4 Release Notes

Web distribution is a method outside the App Store. Apple supports alternative distribution following the Digital Markets Act (DMA), an EU law. For details about alternative distribution, see the article below.

Simulator runtimes may be disabled

The system updates may disable the simulator runtimes used by Xcode. When this problem occurs, the following system message will appear.

The simulator runtime is not available.
 Code: 401
 Failure Reason: runtime profile not found using "System" match policy
 Recovery Suggestion: Download the simulator runtime from the Xcode

If you face this problem, you need to reboot your Mac.

Xcode 15.4 Release Notes

For more about Xcode 15.4, see the release notes.


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