Upgrade to the Flutter 3.0

The Flutter 3.0 was released on May 2022. In this version, it supports macOS Native Desktop app development officially. I am a Mac App Developer, so I am interested in it. So, first, I upgraded the installed Flutter on my Mac.


Check the installed environment

Check the version of installed Flutter. To do so, run as follows in the terminal.

% flutter --version
Flutter 2.10.5 • channel stable • https://github.com/flutter/flutter.git
Framework • revision 5464c5bac7 (3 weeks ago) • 2022-04-18 09:55:37 -0700
Engine • revision 57d3bac3dd
Tools • Dart 2.16.2 • DevTools 2.9.2

In the above example, the version 2.10.5 is installed.

How to upgrade the Flutter

It is easy to upgrade Flutter. To do so, run flutter upgrade as follows.

% flutter upgrade

It downloads and installs the latest version of Flutter. Then, it finally runs `doctor` to check your system. If the process was successful, then print the line as follows.

• No issues found!

Check the version after upgraded

It printed the version of Flutter while upgrading, but you can run flutter --version to check it.

% flutter --version
Flutter 3.0.0 • channel stable • https://github.com/flutter/flutter.git
Framework • revision ee4e09cce0 (2 days ago) • 2022-05-09 16:45:18 -0700
Engine • revision d1b9a6938a
Tools • Dart 2.17.0 • DevTools 2.12.2

In the above example, it installed version 3.0.0 of Flutter.

About New Installation

I wrote about the new installation in the following article.

About Mac Desktop Apps

Flutter 3.0 supports Mac Desktop Apps Development officially.

Create the macOS native menu bar

When you create macOS apps with a cross-platform supporting framework, the menubar may be wrong, unlike native apps. For example, the menubar appears like Windows at the top of the window.

With Flutter 3.0, you can create the native macOS menubar like the AppKit apps.

I wrote about it in the following article.

How to build the Flutter macOS Apps

I wrote how to build macOS Apps using Flutter in the following article. I also wrote the runtime size that I checked.


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